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Looking Toward Sunday, January 3, 2021

This Sunday we will celebrate Epiphany a little early. Epiphany marks the coming of the magi to greet Jesus and rounds out the Christmas narrative. The artist statement for our bulletin image this week says: This image is a meditation on the gift boxes spiraling out from the center of the Star of Bethlehem. The top of the central square opens as Mary receives the gifts of the three Wise Men. Multiple paths surround the star, portraying the wise decision of the Magi to return home a different way to resist the fear-ridden power of King Herod.

This week, we will think about warnings. Herod’s warning bells go off when he meets the wise men on the hunt for the Messiah. Then both the magi and Joseph receive warnings that they must act in order to protect the Christ child. Their responses remind us that we make choices in how we respond to fear.

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12

Reflection: “Fear and Loathing in Bethlehem”

Join us as we kick off 2021 with the sighting of a star that can show us a new way of being in the world. I look forward on beginning the journey of this new year together.