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Looking Toward Sunday, January 10, 2021

Family of faith, it has been a tumultuous week. As we swim in the ripple effects of the siege on the U.S. Capitol, the Electoral College vote, and the culmination of two Senate races here in Georgia, may we remember that those tides will turn, but the grace and love we experience in the waters of baptism are reliable forever. There are two options for worshipping with DHPC this week.

Recorded Worship, with the focus on Baptism of the Lord Sunday — We witness a rebaptism in our scripture reading from Acts. It appears the group that receives the second baptism was originally baptized into “John’s baptism” and Paul let’s them know they need to be baptized into “Jesus’s baptism”. Join us as we explore the difference between a baptism for repentance alone (John’s) and the fulness of baptism in the Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit.

Zoom Service of National Healing and Wholeness — Acknowledging the pain, fear, anger, joy, and division of this week, we will shift our Sunday Zoom gathering to pray for healing, peace, and change. This service will be followed by a brief Roundtable lesson led by Pete McGuire. Candles and oil are traditional symbols used in healing services, and you will be invited into rituals using both, so you may want to have them on hand. If you would like personal prayers for healing, Pastor Shelli will offer individual prayer time (in a private breakout room).

Scripture: Acts 19:1-7

Reflection: “Rinse and Repeat”

God’s gift of baptism means that before we are able to make promises to God, we are already beloved and claimed. It also means we are called to step out boldly from the water to live as Christ’s disciples. I look forward to remembering both the marks of love and and the call to action with you as we remember this holy sacrament. 

In hope,