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Looking Toward Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dearest friends,

I am overjoyed to be back from my sabbatical! I return freshly energized for ministry and so ready to be back with this beloved community. I am especially grateful that my return aligns with our return to the sanctuary. For those of you who are not quite ready for reentry, fear not; we are committed to remaining connected and providing ministry opportunities here, there, and everywhere.

My, what a journey these last sixteen months have been! It seems fitting that our scripture for this week tells the story of the disciples and Jesus out in a boat during a storm. As some of us make our way from the stormy seas of pandemic to the solid ground of worship in the sanctuary, we will remember that in the storms, Jesus is with us. We’ll also think about what discipleship looks like in this reopening world when we still have our sea legs of crisis. In preparation for worship, I invite you to reflect on the following questions.

Think about the stormy journey of pandemic. As we find solid ground:

  • What griefs do you carry with you from the storm?
  • What joys do you carry with you from the storm?
  • How are you different now from your pre-pandemic self?
  • Where have you seen God in the storm?

Scripture: Mark 4: 35-41

Sermon: Sea Legs

Do you want to know what to expect during this week’s return to the sanctuary? Click through this slide show for details.

I look forward to celebrating with you how God has seen and continues to see us through this storm.

With hope in my heart,