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Looking Toward Sunday, August 29, 2021

Beloved DHPC Community,

For many of us, the pandemic has tied us to our homes more than ever before. We live, work, and find our entertainment at home. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the overlap of all aspects of my life in my home makes it less restful than I’d like and leaves me feeling cluttered (mostly in the head). If you, like me, could use a little help pausing to breathe and be present, I invite you to be centered with a reading of the poem, A Solstice Blessing

This week, we continue our worship series, “God is in the House” which invites us to reflect on the ways we engage with God in the different spaces of our lives. Sunday, we look at the living room. The living room doesn’t have to be a set space in your home. It is more a place of mind, any place that can be carved out for refreshment, entertainment, and being with the people we love.

Many of us will find a familiar story at the center of our reflection, the story of two women hosting company (Jesus). One is buzzing about making dinner and refreshing drink glasses. One is spending time with their guest. Both are important, but Jesus raises up the act of being present as “the better part.” 

Join us as we explore ways we can set aside distractions for relationship, particularly relationship with God.

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42

Sermon: “God is in the House: Living Room”

I look forward to being with you, to slowing down a bit to practice presence (something I’m not always the best at). Whether you join us from your home or the sanctuary, trust that “God is in the House”!

In peace,

Visit this link to read the beautiful centering poem.