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Looking Toward Sunday, September 26, 2021

Dear friends,

If you have been following along with our God is in the House worship series, you knew we would get here eventually — the bedroom. As you prepare for worship this week, I’ll tell you something I have never said before in a worship preview, it’s sexy. This is the kind of poetry that you might read in a bubble bath, with the lights turned low and a glass of wine. Song of Solomon is a collection of poetry about young love (in this instance a relationship between a man and a woman, with a chorus periodically narrating). This week’s passage is in the woman’s voice (which is an anomaly in scripture). It is sensual — about bodies, and attraction, and the things that make us squirmy with discomfort in church.

Throughout its history, the church has spend an inordinate amount of time and ink coming up with rules about sex, but we haven’t really spent much time reflecting on what healthy romantic relationships (including physical relationships) look like in scripture and what God’s creation of our bodies as good and beautiful means for the ways we honor, celebrate, and respect one another. Making talk about sexuality and physical relationships taboo in church creates opportunity to fuel violence, oppression, and shame. I hope you’ll join us in the sanctuary or from your screen as we remember that God and God’s word influences our behavior in all the spaces of our lives, and that God intended us to learn about beauty and boundaries in faithful community.

Scripture: Song of Solomon 2

Sermon: “God is in the House: Bedroom”

If you are a poetry reader, you will likely dig our passage for Sunday. If poetry is not your thing, this old song by the Carpenters, Close to You, covered without the cheesy 70s vibe will give you a feel for the songstress’ attraction to her object of affection.

See you Sunday,