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Looking Toward Sunday, October 10, 2021

Dear friends,

Do any of you remember playing Oregon Trail? It was a game played on the computer using mostly the arrow and enter keys, in which you pretended to be a pioneer during the westward expansion. The bulk of the activities involved hunting and trying not to die of dysentery. This week, we hear in our passage that Jesus was the “pioneer of [our] salvation.” The pioneers on the Oregon trail shaped our country with the choices they made, the towns the settled, the communities they built. And as the pioneer of our salvation, the way that Jesus went about procuring that salvation was foundational to all that his followers built afterwards.

Join us as we take an inside peek into how our salvation was won, (Hint: it was through suffering.) and we explore what it means that our faith was founded through purposeful humility. 

We welcome the choir back to the sanctuary this week. All members of the choir are vaccinated and will wear singers masks. I am excited to have our worship time enriched by their talents.

Also, if you are in the sanctuary, we now allow singing on all hymns. This isn’t the time to practice for your next opera, but it is okay for you to speak the words of our sacred music out loud.

Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12

Sermon: “How the Sausage Gets Made”

If you’re looking for a little blast from the past or a taste of vintage gaming (for you youngsters), here is your weekly dose of nostalgia: play the original Oregon Trail

I look forward to praising God with you,