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2016 Capital Campaign

As we celebrate the life and witness of Druid Hills Presbyterian Church, in the past, today, and into the future, we hold in our hearts the physical space from which our worship and service emanate – the beautiful patch of land at 1026 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE. Our campus, which includes our recently renovated sanctuary, classroom and office space, and facilities for Journey and Mercy (providing services and support to our neighbors experiencing homelessness), provides a beacon of hope and a gathering place for God’s people in our Poncey Highland neighborhood.

Druid Hills Presbyterian Church - SanctuaryThe 2016 Capital Campaign, with a goal of $247,500, enables us to be good stewards of the property God has entrusted to our care, through replacement of HVAC units, elimination of debt and a tithe to our partner on-campus ministries.

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The Finance Ministry Team invites you to prayerfully consider, pledging to our goal of $247,500, to be paid over the next 36 months. All funds are dedicated to capital expenses, with a 10% tithe to mission, and include capital improvements, debt reduction, and gifts to support special initiatives of Journey and Mercy. $150,000 - Replacement of HVAC systems in Sanctuary and education building, and shared expense of HVAC replacement in McIver (Journey). $75,000 - Remaining debt on 2013 Sanctuary renovation, which included unanticipated expenses, primarily associated with flooring issues in Converse and Sanctuary. $22,500 - Tithe to Mission, which will provide much needed services to our mission partners at Mercy and Journey.

Fast Facts

We have 18 HVAC units that provide heat and air to the various buildings on our campus. Some have separate air handling units and some are a total package in one unit. Most were installed between 1995 and 2000 and are therefore reaching the end of their life cycle. As we replace them, we should see improved efficiency and, hopefully a reduction in our utility expenses. The first HVAC failures, and thus replacements started last year in 2014. Our campus partners participate in the cost to replace HVAC systems. Our campus partners participate in the recurring maintenance of these systems.


Why a Tithe to Mission?

The Bible teaches us that the first 10% of our earnings should be offered to God in thanksgiving and praise. As the church asks members to tithe their treasure to the church, we hold true to practicing what we preach. As such, our Capital Campaign should not be entirely internally focused but should reach out into God's kingdom with signs of hope and as an offering of thanksgiving and praise to the one who gives us life and grants us grace each day.