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This Week



Sunday, December 1
11:00AM Worship Service  – First Sunday in Advent
12:15PM Congregational Life, Finance, and Personnel Team Meetings
Tuesday, December 3
1:30PM Property & Administration Team Onsite Meeting
Wednesday, December 4
11:00AM Yoga Prayer
6:15PM Bell Choir Rehearsal
7:30PM Choir Rehearsal
Saturday, December  7
4:30PM Advent Event & Potluck Supper
Sunday, December 8
8:30AM Community Fellowship Bible Study
9:30AM Pastries in the Parlor
Nursery Open
9:45AM Adult Explorations Class
10:15AM Choir Warm Up
11:00AM Worship Service  – Second Sunday in Advent
12:15PM Alternative Gift Market Open
Mission and Christian Education Team Meetings
3:00PM Organ Benefit Concert Series: Sue Mitchell-Wallace & Friends