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Explorations Adult Class

This adult Sunday school class is an exploration of a hodgepodge of topics relevant to our lives as Christians, Presbyterians, and human beings. It meets at 9:45AM in the church parlor.

Sunday, January 13, Living in a Post-Christian World: DHPC’s Roundtable teacher Pete McGuire will guide participants in a fascinating conversation on how American culture has perhaps shifted from being a Christian one to being a post-Christian one. Don’t know what that sentence even means? Great-this class is perfect for you!

Sunday, February 3, Death and Dying; Peace and Possibilities, Part 1: Facing our own mortality or the mortality of those closest to us is not always easy. However, having thoughtful, intentional conversations with ourselves and our loved ones about death and dying will help ease the pain and discomfort of acutely stressful moments. Dr. Lisa Oliver, a death, dying, and bereavement educator and certified grief counselor, will help participants explore what it means to die well and help take a bit of the mystery out of the dying process.

Sunday, March 3, Death and Dying; Peace and Possibilities, Part 2:  Dr. Lisa Oliver, will return to help class participants work through some of the logistics of the death and dying process. What forms should you have for yourself? Where should you keep them? Who can help you complete them? Dr. Oliver will walk through the logistics of caring for ourselves prior to death and, in doing so, caring for our loved ones.

Sunday, April 7: Exciting things are happening at DHPC as we work with Ministry Architects to live into our vision for the future of our church. In this class Pastor Shelli and members of the Strategic Planning Team will lead as we dive into our vision for where DHPC is headed in the next three years. Join us as we learn about our goals and share in time to think creatively about accomplishing them. This is a prime opportunity to join in the conversations that will help us discern where we’re going.

Sunday, May 5, A New Refresher of the Old Testament: Our biblical skills can get a little rusty at times and it is always helpful to return to the basics. Participants is this class will get a tune-up on what’s contained in the Old Testament, who wrote and edited it, and why it is still important. The Rev. Dr. Joel M. LeMon, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Candler School of Theology, will lead this class.